I started to feel good again and life was getting back to normal so I started writing goals.

A survivor of domestic abuse, Tessa Jetson is an outstanding example of success today.

After years of abuse I reached out to “Emerge Support Network” I ended up in a in a women’s refuge with my three children. I will never forgot that day after years of being in fear after I left our violent home and I was living in my own place but I was being stalked. That amazing day when I got in the taxi that Emerge called and it took me to an unknown location where I had to get in a van to go to the final destination for the first times in years she felt safe.

Just days before I had woken up bound and tied after he broke in and I knew then that he would never let me go. I had just spent months sleeping in one room of my three bedroom home bolted shut and listening to him walk around in my home terrified, I would call the police tell them an intruder was in my home they would come and ask him to leave but then they would leave.

Part of going to the refuge meant I had to walk away from a very lucrative modelling contract she was doing part time modelling and acting work at the time.

Safety for her children was a priority.

Once broke, suffering from depression and feeling totally helpless, after getting the support I needed I went from strength to strength. It was not over night I went to counselling for three years to get over the trauma. I received assistance and was able to get my own place in government housing.

As I started to feel good again and life was getting back to normal I started writing goals I listed all the things I wanted to with my life and to do for my children.

The biggest goal and driving force in my life was to ensure my children have a good life and I dedicated myself to this mission. I remember like it was yesterday looking at my children asleep in the refuge and saying to myself we are going to have a good life and I am going to be successful so you can have a good life. I was my sons basketball coach and footy runner I was very involved in what they were doing. I daughter singing lessons at my daughters school as well and tennis and aerobics classes for the kids in the housing estate for fun.

I started to participate in a number of self-help, motivational programs and seminars, I have has been able to move on and change my life. Motivated by a desire to provide a quality life for my three children and to create financial independence, my determination has enabled me to achieve an extraordinary life.

I have done so many exciting things and had many careers and done so many amazing things in my life and I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunities I have had. I have consumed myself with up skilling myself and growing and have always wanted to do more and be more as I know we can do anything we want in life.

My career life started with getting back into modelling and acting

(I still do this for fun 20 plus years later and I have a massive goal on my 50th Birthday to do a new shoot and look better than I did in my 20's I have started with a personal trainer)

When I look at all the amazing careers I have had and how I fell into them all I believe due to a positive mindset and belief I could do anything. After the refuge my family and I started a family band this was my fun and like therapy singing Alanis songs and cool rock chick songs it was like therapy getting my anger out. My sister Tracee and brothers Daryl and Clinton rotated on drums and Daryl also played guitar my cousin Jamie was on bass, it started out for fun then we began to write our own songs then we ended up doing some amazing gigs over the next 10 years. We were called Xcentric due to the fact you never knew who was playing and how we dressed.  I took this band seriously I did a band managers courses and we recorded a couple of CD's you can hear on my sound cloud.

At this time I applied to TAFE to do a youth worker course (the band stuff was on weekends) we got a gig in Parkville Youth Detention centre for a Christmas Function, the guys were all a bit nervous and I sat with all the youth in there and asked them things like what are your goals and where do you see yourself I didn’t know at the time the big boss was listening he gave me his card and asked me to call him next week. I said to the band cool we must have some more gigs I called Monday and went to see him and he offered me a job and they would train me needless to say I cancelled my course and began work as a part time youth worker I loved that job I stayed there for years.

A couple of years into the band days we were playing at a venue in Richmond and they were looking for a band booker and I got to know the owner and said i would do it for the next few years I booked bands running the business from home part time and being there Thursday- Sat nights it was awesome I ran battles and also got Xcentric to play with some top bands that was my main reason for booking the bands.

I had a goal that when all of my children go to high school I will then focus on a full time career as I wanted to be there for them while at primary school I fit in all my activities around them. I saw an ad that said Mortgage Broker $80,000 I applied for it they trained me (my highest level before this was year 8) and got the job 6 weeks later I was the head trainer and travelling interstate training people I loved this.

After a couple of years I worked out I could earn more starting my own Mortgage Broking Company so I started Money Miracles and did double my income I loved this and did this for years.

After this I started my own essential services company I work from home part time to help me fund my passion helping empower women. I have a passion to help women who have come from abuse so I set about going into this field which I have done for the last fifteen plus years I love mentoring and training women.

Around here I hit 40 and one of my goals at school was to be an air hostess and I saw an advertisement for a casual flight crew for Jetsar. I got the job I only last 6 months it was the hardest work I ever have done I was limping to car on the way home from sore feet

Next for years I trained people who were had no confidence or skills to gain employment I loved this role these are the girls in my testimonials. I did this for three years then I got offered a job too good (well too high paying to say no too) I got the opportunity to work in the Mines as a trainer for RIO TINTO for the last three years ending in 2015 it was very exciting I worked 8 days 12 hours days then 6 days off 24/7 I used this time to focus on my passion helping women during my week off.

As you can see I have done so many amazing things in my life and I find it exciting to continue to grow and want more out of life.

In 2015 I started Power Up – Exclusive Women’s Referral Network this is a group of women who support, encourage and empower each other to grow their business

I had a goal that when all of my children go to high school I will then focus on a full time career


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